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Answer the door wherever you want!

The G-6 Security mobile doorphone is a revolution. The transmission of information by radio between the external call unit and the indoor handset, combined with the use of battery power, free the user of the constraints inherent in a wired system. It can be fixed to a wall, placed in an office or on the bedside table just like a mobile telephone. It can also be used without taking the handset off its base unit in hands free mode. In addition: wherever you are, you are never deprived of the ability to answer an unexpected visitor and to command, if one wishes, the opening of the door.

The mobile doorphone offers other great functions!

The G-6 security mobile doorphone contributes to the improvement of the comfort of everyday life. From the handset, it is possible to command the opening of an electric gate for the passage of cars or the exterior lighting of the property. All access control functions are grouped on one remote control handset.


4 years' autonomy

Fully wireless, the G-6 Security mobile doorphone is powered by NiCad or Li-Ion batteries that are recharged from a mains adaptor or battery operated charger unit. The controller is powered by Alkaline dry cells which have a 4 year battery life.

Reliable radio transmissions!

This new radio technology is also the chosen platform for the new line of gate automation systems (Sweet project). It is a single-band dual-frequency protocol. Communication between the different parts of the system is based on radio transmission using one of two 868 MHz bands. Also uses four specific broadband frequencies in the 863 MHz band for voice exchanges using the doorphone system hence ensuring digital communication quality

For reasons of simplicity and efficiency!

G-6 Security mobile doorphones are sold as complete units. The power supply batteries, the fixing accessories and installation instructions are supplied with each unit. Just connect the batteries. The coding for radio learning is carried out in the factory.

No interconnecting cable work and no mains connection to the controller!

The quick installation of the G-6 Security mobile doophone means real time saving. This system requires no wiring between the interior handset and the outdoor unit; neither does the controller need to be connected to the mains. The indoor unit that supports the handset can be either attached to the wall with the fixing support (mains version) or placed on a table (battery version). The G-6 Security mobile doorphone therefore offers you simple, quick and cost effective installation