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It's not unusual these days to find CCTV systems in stores, restaurants and manufacturing facilities, but is there any real advantage to installing a CCTV security system in your home? Ask your home insurance agent that question, and the answer you get will be a resounding yes. Home CCTV systems can be an important addition to your home security.

Most CCTV security systems work two ways – they transmit and record at the same time. This offers a double benefit in terms of security. On the one hand, you can actually watch what is going on in areas of your home that are monitored by a CCTV camera while it's happening. This is handiest if your home is set up for monitoring with a security firm that offers home security monitoring, but it's also handy if you just want to keep an eye on things – keeping an eye on your napping baby, for example.

The other benefit of home security video through a CCTV system is the ability to view the recording after the fact. Imagine, for example, that a thief breaks into your home while you're out. Your video recording can be instrumental in helping the police identify the thief, and serves as evidence in the event of a trial.

A video surveillance camera also makes it easier for you to observe parts of your property that are not in easy view of your home. A CCTV camera mounted over the front door allows you to see anyone approaching the house, or to check who's at the door without opening it. A camera gives you a better view of entire area than a fish-eye peephole, and can be set to scan the entire area periodically.

There are many different types of home CCTV systems available, including those designed for installation outdoors and those designed for covert installation. Some of your other options include PC-based home CCTV cameras, which can be integrated into your home security system through your computer, CCTV systems are far less expensive than most people imagine. Technology advances have made them cheaper to manufacture and put the basic CCTV camera and surveillance system well in range for most homeowners. If you're considering improving the security for your home, contact us to learn more about CCTV systems and installation for your home.

Benefits Of Installing CCTV Surveillance At Your Home Or Business.


You can better guard your business against unwanted thefts and keep your goods safe.

You can more effectively supervise your staff and enhance their overall productivity.

You can keep an eye on the merchandise and monitor its movement.

You can also use this system for evaluation of employees' performance.

You can also use this system for applying better quality control at the shop floor by constantly monitoring all the processes during production.

Gone are the days when business owners would leave everything at the confidence of their faithful employees. The times of today demand a fool-proof security surveillance system that can act as proxy eyes in your absence.

The most unique feature of CCTV is that it is specifically made for surveillance purposes, and is also used as a deterent and to help identify intruders. Whatever kind of business you have, the use of these cameras gives various benefits.  The benefits are not only limited to protecting the business properties, employees and customers but also they are also used to monitor any activity that is done in and out the business establishment.

How CCTV can be a benefit to different types of premises:

For shopping centres, CCTV security cameras can help to prevent any shoplifting and vandalism of any of the establishment's store premises. For office based businesses, such as call centres, these security cameras can be very useful for the prevention of stealing very important and confidential information in the company. CCTV cameras are very helpful when it comes to discouraging would be thieves from hanging loitering around your premises. If by chance, a thief or  perpetrator is caught, your CCTV surveillance footage provides evidence that can be shown to the authorities to assist with investigations.

Deter sexual harassment incidents with CCTV Another benefit of using CCTV cameras in the workplace is avoiding harassment from happening in the premises, as well as abuse of office supplies and equipment.

Manage Entry & Exit Points The surveillance cameras can also keep track of the people entering and exiting the building, the elevators, garages and  places where there are hardly any people. Clearly, no one would like to be caught doing evil deeds in monitored places.

Keep A Watchful Eye Over Worksites And if your business specialises in construction, you can easily keep track of the progress of the site. If you have already told your workers that you are closely monitoring them, encouraging them to work harder, which can only be good for business.

Protect Your Business From Unlawful Behaviour And in case employee disputes and security violations happen, you can find a way to resolve and investigate on them with your recordings.